What will be the effect of the last solar eclipse of the year in Bihar, know how many hours it will be



The last solar eclipse of this year will take place on December 4. According to Indian time, this eclipse will start at 10.59 in the morning and will remain till 03.07 in the afternoon. This eclipse of about four hours will be called Khagras Solar Eclipse. In this, for about two minutes, most of the Sun will be covered by the shadow of the Moon. Africa will be visible in the continent, South America and Australia. It will not be visible in India, so its Sutak period will not take place here. As far as the timing of the Sutak is concerned, it starts 12 hours before the start of the solar eclipse. On this solar eclipse, the inauspicious planets will be worshiped for peace.

Pray for the peace of inauspicious planets during eclipse

Jyotish Acharya PK Yug told that due to the absence of eclipse in India, Sutak will not be valid here. This solar eclipse will be visible in the South region of Australia, South Africa and America. According to Indian time, this eclipse will start from 10.59 pm and will last till 3:7 pm i.e. the complete eclipse will be of four hours and eight minutes. This eclipse will happen in Scorpio. The Sun, Ketu, Moon and Mercury will remain together in Scorpio at the time of the eclipse and Rahu’s vision will remain on it. There has been a Sanatani tradition for the peace of inauspicious planets during the eclipse period. It is considered appropriate to recite the Vedic mantra of the Sun and Aditya Hriday Stotra during the eclipse period.

Coincidence of Shani Amavasya also on the day of solar eclipse

According to astrologer Acharya, the day of solar eclipse on December 4 is also Shani Amavasya. From the point of view of astrology, solar eclipse and Shani Amavasya falling on the same day is a wonderful coincidence. According to religious texts, Shani Dev is called the son of Surya. If both the planets Sun and Saturn are pleased together then people get good results. Donating to the needy and Brahmin at the time of eclipse gives satisfaction to the ancestors and fulfills all the wishes.



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