Will not drink.


Desk: November 26 is celebrated as Bihar Drug Addiction Day 2021, on this occasion CM Nitish once again took the oath of not drinking alcohol with all the police officers, tell that on Friday, the knowledge of Patna Oath was administered to various ministers and officials in the building (Gyan Bhawan), during which CM Nitish himself took an oath not to drink alcohol.

This law was implemented for the interest of women: CM Nitish while addressing said that if you do any work, people do not accept it 100 percent, some people will mess up, in the month of July 2015, there was a voice for prohibition among women, I said at the same time Was, if people gave me a chance again, then we will implement liquor ban in Bihar, after which we implemented Liquor Ban following the advice of women, when the prohibition law was implemented, it was publicized, then it was publicized. There was great participation.

The prohibition of alcohol has been reviewed 9 times: He further said that we had a review meeting 9 times regarding the prohibition of liquor, when the law came into force, even at that time there was death due to spurious liquor and a big action was also taken. This time a bigger incident has happened, in 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a survey in the whole country regarding alcohol, we have given a lot of publicity about it,

DGP said:- On this occasion, Sanjeev Kumar Singhal of Bihar said that every employee of the department is committed to implement the law, its positive results are visible in the society by implementing the prohibition, it will be implemented in any case, if the alcohol is banned. In any case, the involvement of any Police Personnel comes to the fore, he/she will be immediately dismissed from service.

Liquor Prohibition Act in 2016 was applied: For information, let us tell you that Bihar’s liquor prohibition law was implemented completely from April 5, 2016, despite this, there was no effect of prohibition in Bihar, wherever foreign liquor was recovered from home, poisonous liquor. Innocent people were killed by drinking, the police personnel on whose shoulders it is the responsibility of implementing the prohibition law, some of them, in connivance with the police personnel, are failing the prohibition law in the state, police headquarters figures According to the information, action has also been taken against more than 700 police personnel found involved in the prohibition law.

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