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Winter schedule for Patna airport has been released. This winter schedule will be effective from 1st December 2021 to 31st December 2021. In this schedule, the arrival and departure time of 48 pairs of aircraft has been fixed. Along with this, 10 pairs of flights have been closed in the new schedule. Let us tell you that earlier on November 17, it was decided to stop the service of 7 pairs of aircraft, which were being run exclusively for the people during Diwali and Chhath.

Let us inform that after the festivals, now the crowd of people at Patna Airport seems to be decreasing, in view of which the airport administration has decided to stop the already running airlines. Let us inform that between November 1 and November 16, 48 pairs of special airlines were being operated for the people, which are now being gradually closed.

Talking about the winter schedule, from December 1, the first flight at Patna airport will arrive from Guwahati at 8:05 am and this flight will leave for Amritsar at 8:35 am. Along with this, SpiceJet’s first flight to Delhi will arrive at 9 am on December 1. SpiceJet’s last flight to Delhi will take off at 8:45 pm. Along with this, the last flight from Patna Airport will fly SpiceJet for Mumbai at 10:10 pm. Along with this, Indigo’s Chandigarh flight has been stopped.

Let us inform that under the winter schedule of Patna Airport, the number of flights flying from December 1 will be 17. Under this, 6 instead of Mumbai 7, 6 instead of Bengaluru 7, Kolkata 4 instead of 5, 2 instead of Chennai 3, 4 aircraft will come and go instead of Hyderabad 5. Along with this, the airport administration has instructed to strictly follow the guidelines for the incoming passengers.


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