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Patna Junction railway station of Patna, the capital of Bihar, is one of the well-known railway stations in the country. Meanwhile, a very special facility is going to start for the passengers at Patna Junction. Let us tell you that now very soon you will be able to enjoy Magic Tea at Patna Junction. According to the information, this facility will be started by IRCTC. The special thing about this magic tea will be that there will be no need to throw away the cup that comes with drinking tea in magic tea. People will eat the cup with a sip of tea.

According to the information, this arrangement will be done to maintain cleanliness at Patna Junction. Usually after drinking tea, people throw the cup here and there, due to which the dirt accumulates, but after the arrival of magic tea, people will get rid of the mess. Talk about the price of this special tea, then you will have to pay only Rs 15 more than the price of normal tea for this. Let us tell that the price of tea and used cup i.e. biscuit is 10 rupees for 15 rupees. A total of Rs 25 will have to be paid.

Where on the one hand, drinking tea in magic tea gives a different taste and feeling. At the same time, it is going to start for the first time at Patna Junction of the capital. People are enjoying magic tea at big stations in Mumbai, Bangalore and other metros. With the introduction of this system, normally after drinking tea, its wrapper will not be scattered everywhere. At present this facility is already available at Danapur Railway Station. Along with this, now this facility is also going to be available at Patna Junction.

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